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GTA Claims Storm Update July 2013.

Thu, 11th July, 2013 - Posted by - Comments Off on GTA Claims Storm Update July 2013.

Expo Ins Brokers Inc. Advisory: GTA storm update 11 July 2013.

Our Insurance Company Partners have Claims Teams that are responding to a large volume of calls throughout the effected areas.

We are into the third day after the heaviest rainfall in GTA history. We wanted to update you on what we are doing and ask for your patience, goodwill and understanding.

The Insurance Company partners we have you insured with, have received more claims in the GTA (mainly West Toronto and Mississauga) the day after the storm than they received in a normal month of claims. This type of volume puts significant pressure on the entire claims infrastructure, from adjusters to appraisers to contractors.

Insurance Companies have assembled Claims teams consisting of internal staff and dedicated adjusters plus contractors they have certified to assist in emergency mitigation and repair.

Customer contact is underway
These claims teams have broken down the affected area by postal code and calls are already being made to customers, allowing the adjusting team to work within a small geographic area.

For our mutual clients with sewer back up coverage, here is what’s happening:

1) Emergency mitigation. The adjuster will meet with the customer, provide guidance on what to expect, review coverage and develop a plan to return the property to its pre-loss condition.

What the insurance contractors do in Phase 1:
• Cut out the affected drywall – in most cases 6-9 inches above the water mark.
• Remove all debris.
• Separate contents into salvageable and ‘send to the dump’ – then take an inventory.
• Set up blowers and dehumidifiers to run for a number of days to minimize mould and prepare for reconstruction.

2) Estimation. The estimators will return with the adjuster and together they complete an estimate of repair. The adjuster then meets with the customer to explain the options.

3) Repair. They will be encouraging “YOU” the customers to use their preferred vendor network (whose work we guarantee) but the choice of contractor is ultimately yours.

Patience and Understanding is Key:

Please expect delays. Under normal circumstances the timeline for Phase 1 is 24-36 hours, but because of the size of this event, the contractors can’t give a time estimate that is accurate.

Over the next several days, the Insurance claims teams, focus will be calling customers as this is the best way to start the claims process.

• Estimating will likely take another couple of weeks.
• Reconstruction is where it will be difficult to provide timeframes yet, but they will assess as they go along, once they can determine how many repairs the contractors are asked to complete they will have a better understanding and will keep you the client informed.

At Expo we recognize this is a very difficult time for you, but please rest assured that our Insurance Company Partners have teams of professionals working hard to get the job done.

Thomas Taborowski
Principle Broker
Expo Insurance Brokers Inc.

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Update on the Proposed 15% Car Ins Premium Reductions 2013.

Thu, 4th July, 2013 - Posted by - Comments Off on Update on the Proposed 15% Car Ins Premium Reductions 2013.

July 2013.

Over the last several months there has been a lot of news coverage regarding the Ontario government and a commitment to reduce car insurance premiums by 15% in the May Budget of 2013. A couple of weeks ago that budget was passed by the legislative assembly.

We would like to draw to your attention the facts that very few details have been released about how and when any reductions will take place. The Government has made a commitment to offer lower rates for Ontario drivers with safe driving records and the average rate reduction of 15% will be done “within a period of time prescribed by regulations”. This wording has a lot of flexibility built into it, in respect to how this reduction will be handled and or implemented. We believe it is highly unlikely that a rate reduction will be implemented in 2013.
As soon as more details are released by the government we will do our best to pass on this information to you.

Expo Insurance Brokers Inc.

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