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Changes to Ontario Auto Insurance Give You More Choice.

Thu, 11th February, 2016 - Posted by

On June 01 2016, changes to auto insurance in Ontario will give you more choice and control over your insurance and premiums. Statutory accident benefits are changing, and new optional accident benefits choices will be made available to allow you to customize your policy to suit your individual needs. The choices will give you greater influence over the price you pay for insurance. The cost of your policy will vary based on the coverage you purchase.

The Reforms and new choices will take effect June 01 2016. Your policy wont change until it is time for it to be renewed. When you receive your renewal documents you will also be provided with more information on the changes and your new options. This will help you make an informed decision.

After June 01 2016, you can choose to make changes to your existing policy to take advantage of the new levels and options, without having to wait for it to come up for renewal.

Stay tuned for more information and feel free to contact us at Expo Insurance Brokers at anytime for more information.

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